Certification of ETICS implementors

In cooperation with the Guild for Building Insulation (www.czb.cz), TZÚS Prague certifies the professional competence of companies performing external thermal insulation of buildings with contact thermal insulation systems.

The certification system creates the conditions for the certificate holders to carry out the work in the correct manner throughout the implementation of the contract.

The certification system is based on the following main principles:

  1. the existing valid technical specifications of the implemented ETICS in accordance with the legislation for the marketing of products, i.e. the European Technical Approval (ETA) (or the Building Technical Certificate (STO) for products not covered by ETAG 004)
  2. conformity of procedures with assembly instructions of manufacturers, ČSN 73 2901 and other standards and legal regulations,
  3. audits by independent auditors directly on construction sites,
  4. pre-announced and unannounced inspection visits of auditors directly to the construction site at any time during the validity of the certificate, carried out at least once a year.

The course of certification from the submission of the application by the implementation company to the issuance of the relevant certificate is part of the Conditions for granting the certificate, the complete wording of which can be found below.

List of ETICS implementer certificate holders.

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