Safe and quality toy


The brand is intended for manufacturers who want to show that they pay increased attentiton safety and quality of their products and for buyers who according to the brands easily recognize a toy with guarentee of safety and quality. 


  • Fulfillment of basic requirements for toy safety according to NV No. 86/2011 Coll., as amended
  •    (standards CSN EN 71, parts 1 - 5, 7 - 14, CSN EN 62 115)
  • Meeting extended requirements for toy safety, e.g.
    • verification of the content of other substances according to REACH - phthalates, primary aromatic amines, cadmium,        
    •   PAU, flame retardants,….
    • for electric toys, compliance with the requirements of the ROHs Regulation for the content of Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6 +, PBB, PBDE
  • Checking the quality of toys
  • Verification of the production quality system
  • Checking the satisfaction of retailers and users with the toy in the form of a questionnaire
  • Subsequent regular safety inspections of the toy

Information on the certification process (downloadable PDF):

Directive with criteria for assessing the safety and quality of toys
Rules for awarding and using the Safe and Quality Toy brand

TZUS Prague, s.p, o.z. Light Industry Testing Institute, Čechova 59, 370 65 České Budějovice

Contact person

Ing. Monika Hegedüšová

+420 603 202 014
+420 386 709 173
+420 386 709 112
Head of Children's Products Department
České Budějovice Branch Office - Testing Institute for Light Industry