Representation of the company PROCEQ, S.A., Switzerland for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

In 1954, the Swiss company PROCEQ SA started the production of a concrete testing device developed by Ing. Ernst Schmidt of Basel. This device is indeed the first technical method reliably based on long-term detailed scientific research, according to which the quality of concrete can be controlled directly on the construction site. Since then, many other instruments have been gradually developed, which can reliably measure various parameters and quality directly on the construction site and without destructive effects on the measured object. The company manufactures and supplies devices from the following fields worldwide


Non-destructive measurement in construction:

  • original SCHMIDT concrete testing hammer
  • SILVER SCHMIDT electronic hammer
  • DIGI-SCHMIDT hardness tester
  • PROFOMETER reinforcement indicator
  • PROFOSCOPE reinforcement indicator
  • CANIN reinforcement corrosion analyzer
  • TORRENT permeability meter
  • DYNA / DY-2 grip meter
  • PUNDIT ultrasound device
  • RESIPOD resistance meter
  • HYGROPIN hygrometer

Portable hardness testers for metals:

  • electronic hardness tester for metals EQUOTIP
  • pocket electronic hardness tester for metals EQUOTIP PICCOLO
  • pocket electronic hardness tester for metals EQUOTIP BAMBINO
  • EQUOPEN pocket battery hardness tester for metals
  • electronic hardness tester for metals EQUOSTAT
  • automatic measuring system EQUOmatic
  • ultrasonic thickness gauge ZONOTIP

Testing of paper and foil rolls:

  • PAROtester 2 roll tester
  • PaperSchmidt roll tester

For more details on these devices - see the professional article here.

Warranty and post-warranty service


The certified service center operating at the TIS branch is authorized to perform repairs, adjustments and calibration of PROCEQ SA products. Original parts and fixtures are used for the provided activities.

Depending on the nature of the defect, the repair may be resolved with the manufacturer's technicians; if necessary, the device is sent for repair and adjustment to the manufacturer.

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