Fire classification and expert opinions

The Building Fire Safety Branch provides fire expertise, expert opinions and application of test results for building structures and products for certification purposes; construction and approval procedures.

Extended application of fire resistance test results is performed according to ČSN EN 15269- .. (fire shutters); ČSN EN 15254- .. (non-load-bearing structures); ČSN EN 15080- .. (load-bearing structures); ČSN EN 15882- .. (operational installation - sealing of penetrations, joints, air ducts).

The classification of fire resistance and reaction to fire of building products and structures is performed according to the European classification standards of the ČSN EN 13501- .. series and subsequently the building structures are classified into the type of structure according to ČSN 73 0810.


  • load-bearing and non-load-bearing fire protection building structures (vertical, inclined and horizontal)
  • fire, smoke-tight and fire-tight closures
  • shaft elevator doors
  • fire protection coatings, spraying and cladding of building structures
  • sealing systems for cable and pipe penetrations through fire dividing structures
  • sealing systems for building joints
  • chimneys and chimney liners
  • air ducts and dampers

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