Certification of SBToolCZ building

SBToolCZ is a national system for evaluating the complex quality of buildings assessing the properties of the building and its surroundings in relation to sustainable development. At present, this scheme can be used for the certification of residential and administrative buildings in the design phase and the beginning of operation of these buildings. The following areas are evaluated:
  • the impact of the building on the environment,socio-cultural aspects,
  • functional and technical quality,
  • economics and management,
  • location where the building is built.
The SBToolCZ system contributes to making buildings environmentally friendly, providing a healthy and high-quality indoor environment and, last but not least, making them economically viable. The methodology contains a set of criteria, which are scored based on the properties of the building and its surroundings, and depending on the achieved total score, the building will receive one of four certificates (basic, bronze, silver or gold). SBToolCZ provides a tool for the design phase of buildings, which points out the possibilities of how to improve the building in the monitored parameters in the field of sustainable construction.
Basic benefits of the SBToolCZ system:
  • provision of a credible certificate of conformity of the building with legislative requirements and with the principles of sustainable construction (compared to foreign systems, linked to national legislation),
  • increasing the market value of buildings (better saleability, rentability
  • reduction of operating costs
  • support for reducing the energy intensity of buildings,
  • evaluation of buildings within the aspects of sustainable construction,
  • optimization tool for designing buildings that better meet client requirements,
  • mitigation of the impact of constructions on the environment during the entire life cycle,
  • support for the creation of a good and healthy indoor environment for buildings,
  • stimulating demand for sustainable buildings,
  • stimulation of manufacturers to produce and place on the market environmentally friendly products responding to the new basic requirement for constructions according to Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council,
  • an incentive for manufacturers to attach an EPD environmental statement to the product.

TZÚS Prague has long been promoting the concept of sustainable development and improving the quality of buildings. We are one of the founding members of the National Platform SBToolCZ and one of the two certification bodies, which is authorized to issue and control outputs within the evaluation of buildings in the SBToolCZ system.
More information about the SBToolCZ system can be found on the SBToolCZ website.