Energy performance buildings

  • certification of buildings in the SBToolCZ System, more info here
  • energy audits and expertise (Act No. 318/2012 Coll., Decree No. 480/2012 Coll.), more info here
  • Energy Performance Certificates for buildings (Act No. 318/2012 Coll., Decree No. 78/2013 Coll.), more info here
  • energy labels of the building envelope (ČSN 730540), more info here
  • thermal and technical calculations (ČSN 730540), more info here
  • thermographic measurements, more info here
  • measurement of air permeability of buildings (Blower Door test), more info here
  • measurement of thermal and technical properties of material and structures, more info here
  • providing of expertise in the field of heating technology, more info here
  • consultancy in the field of energy performance of building
  • vacuum drying of structures and building materials with dimensions up to 250x250x60 cm for subsequent determination of their thermal and technical characteristics on the dried basis


Pict. 1: Thermal Conductivity Test Tool Lambda-Meter EP500e - device for measuring the thermal conductivity of building materials

Pict. 2 and 3: Test equipment MPT-01 for determination of the thermal resistance of building elements and structures

Contact person

Ing. Štěpán Vrhel

+420 734 432 132
+420 387 023 233
head of the thermal engineering department; specialist test engineer; Chief Assessor; ETA preparer
ETICS, prefabricated facade systems, thermal insulation products
České Budějovice Branch