Certification of mobile heliports, walkways and floors

TZÚS Prague, SOE, Prague branch, provides a range of services in the regulated and voluntary field of conformity assessment of products.

Within the voluntary certification, it is confirmed by an independent certification body that the product corresponds to the manufacturer's declaration in its properties and their levels. These certificates serve to confirm the conformity of products with Czech or foreign technical standards, with company standards or with technical specifications drawn up by our specialists on the basis of your requirements. This type of certification is mainly used by manufacturers, importers or distributors for non-specified products and for products for which the participation of a notified body is not compulsorily required for assessment according to harmonised technical specifications.

Examples of such voluntary certification are the certification of mobile heliports, pavements and floors.  

In the case of mobile heliports, these are high-load surfaces without the need to build a concrete base, i.e. quickly assembled and dismantled take-off and landing surfaces that can be used on different types of substrate (soil, snow, gravel, sand, grass, peat, ...). Mobile heliports are mainly used by the ARMY, POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS AND PROTECTION SERVICES. 
Mobile walkways and mobile tent floors are Polypropylene Co-polymer (PPCP) based products that provide a raised surface that keeps people and equipment clean and dry, which suit almost all types of terrain and can be laid in any size or shape.

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