Basic information about enterprise and services

Technical and Test Institute for Construction Praha, SOE (TZÚS Prague), is the largest testing and certification organization in the Czech Republic in the field of the conformity assessment of construction products, an internationally recognized provider of comprehensive services in this and other fields, a major partner of manufacturers, importers, designers and constructors, as well as of public administration, research and development, a member of many national and international organizations, and an active participant in the process of technical regulations and standards creation.


TZÚS Prague, s.p., is:

  • authorized to assess conformity as an authorized person, a notified body and a body for technical assessment (TAB - creation of EAD and issuance of ETA)
  • accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s., for activities of
    • a certification body for products, certification of management systems, certification of qualification of construction contractors, verification of greenhouse gas emissions
    •  a testing and calibration laboratories
    • an inspection body
  • authorized for verification of specified measuring instruments (authorized metrological centre)
  • an expert institute in the field of construction authorized by the Ministry of Justice

TZÚS Praha, s.p., provides mainly the following services:

  • testing, assessment, verification of properties and certification
    • construction products for the CE marking and in the national system of the Czech Republic and Poland, certification for the Certified mark: Proven for construction
    • for construction of elevators, toys, playground equipment and furniture
    • noise emissions
  • certification of management systems (QMS, EMS, EnMS, SMBOZP)
  • measurement of physical factors (noise, total dust, daylight and artificial lighting)
  • tests of analytical chemistry and content of dangerous substances
  • inspection of production and delivery of concrete and elevators
  • verification of specified meters and calibration services
  • verification of the environmental product declaration - EPD
  • energy labels of buildings, energy audits
  • evaluation of the complex quality of buildings in the SBToolCZ system
  • certification of professional competence of ETICS implementers, certification of professional competence for the design and implementation of installation of windows and external doors into the building according to CSN 74 6077
  • services of the Sales Representation in Moscow with competence for the Russian Federation, customs union and CIS countries and services for trade with other countries outside the EU
  • representation and certified service centre of PROCEQ SA brand products, Switzerland

The services are provided through a network of branches in Brno, České Budějovice, Ostrava, Pilsen, Prague, Předměřice nad Labem, Teplice and a branch plant - the Testing Institute of Light Industry in České Budějovice.

The portfolio of services of TZÚS Praha, s.p., is supplemented by the services of the subsidiaries QUALIFORM, a.s., and PAVUS, a.s., cooperating in the TZÚS GROUP.