Counterfeits/counterfeit documents issued

In the table below you will find the identified forgeries of documents issued by authorities, laboratories, sections and branches of TZÚS Prague.

In case of doubts, ambiguities, other findings and suggestions in this matter, please contact the director of the Quality Management Department of TZÚS Prague Mrs. Ing. Jirina Srbkova.

Year of discovery: 2018

Counterfeit number + document scan:Document type:Firm:
PKO-10-011/AO204Fire classification certificate for the product Steel door frames type Z, ZP, YZ, YZP, S, SP, DZUPMEGACORP-plus, s.r.o., Kelč 455, ZIP CODE 756 43
1020 - CPR - 040 053893Certificate of conformity of poduction control S3 İNŞAAT VE YAPI MALZEMELERİ A.Ş.